Bhp Iron Ore

In June 2016, Warequip Solutions were contacted by BHP, to look at providing a solution to improve their manual handling requirements and uncontrolled movement risks where they were manually carrying and lifting conveyor rollers.

Key factors:

  • Safety
  • width of the walkway
  •  gradient of the walkway
  •  accessibility of the walk
  •  Environment

The process: 

Warequip agreed to work in partnership with BHP to find a safer solution. An onsite review of this was carried out by Warequip design engineer and Powered product manager. From here we worked closely with BHP Fixed plant maintenance and their Rigging teams.

A concept was developed and agreement was put in place. Warequip also built a test walkway so we could run tests and provide information back to BHP, a team from BHP also spent 2 days at Warequip going over final build process.

The Solution:

Warequip developed a Powered Trolley using a powered tug from the ZALLYs range then worked with ZALLYS to develop a 4wd system, that could operate up and down the walkway carrying the equipment required that was also contained and had easy access for loading and unloading. This was then developed with a telescopic extension to carry scaffolding when required.

In September – 2018 – This unit was named the P.S.T Trolley (Powered Stacker Trolley) being approved by BHP to be used for this process.

This is reducing risk of uncontrolled movement, improving maintenance down time, and personal fatigue.

Watch in Action