Metro Trains

As a Dane Wheelchair Mover distributor, Warequip were contacted by Metro Trains to supply them with seven units to improve accessibility in Melbourne stations with particularly steep ramps.

Dane wheelchairs are designed for use with standard bariatric wheelchairs so it was quickly recognised that the hitching system would not be suitable.

Personal wheelchairs are made to measure like suits so the standard Dane system would only be suitable for use with a very small percentage of personal chairs.

The solution Warequip had to produce had to be

  • Completely adjustable so the vast majority of wheelchairs could be hitched on
  • Controlled remotely from the operator’s position behind the wheelchair mover
  • Be fitted without voiding the original manufacturer’s warranty
  • Maintain the handling of the unmodified machine.

Warequip achieved all of these criteria by bring the hitching point far forward enough to provide clearance for the moving parts of the wheelchair mover. Warequip also devised a system to raise and lower the hitching arms remotely to clear wheelchair axles and tip-over wheels. Warequip used only existing bolt holes and attachment points meaning the original manufacturer’s warranty is still valid for one year and the machine adheres to a very high standard of safety.